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Georgia Institute of Technology


Found in 54 Collections and/or Records:

Academic Honor Code Records

Identifier: MS160

This collection documents the early history of the Georgia Tech honor code.

Dates: 1907-1925

Anniversaries Collection (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UA021

This collection contains materials from the twenty-fifth, fiftieth, seventy-fifth, and one-hundredth anniversaries of Georgia Tech.

Dates: 1913-1988

Anniversaries Visual Materials (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: VAUA021

This collection contains visual materials related to the twenty-fifth and one-hundredth anniversaries of Georgia Tech.

Dates: 1913; 1984-1986; Majority of material found within 1984 - 1986

Announcements/General Catalog (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP017

This publication, which has been given various titles over the years, has served primarily as the school catalog for Georgia Tech since its inception in 1888-1889, providing descriptions for courses offered in each discipline at the school, as well as other information of relevance to Georgia Tech students.

Dates: 1888-2011

Blueprint Collection

 Collection — Item: 1-103
Identifier: UP021

The Blueprint documents student life during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries on the Georgia Tech campus.

Dates: 1908-2010

Bulletin of the Georgia Institute of Technology

Identifier: UP019
Abstract The issues of the Bulletin of the Georgia Institute of Technology provide rich information about the history of the Institute's curriculum, its students and faculty, and its technological education. Most of the issues are course catalogs, but some contain President's reports, Statutes, and information for prospective students. Those catalogs that were published during World War I and World War II describe Tech's alterations to its curricula during wartime. These publications also illustrate...
Dates: 1901-1975

Bulletin Photograph Collection

Identifier: VAC005

The Bulletin was a Tech publication, which began about 1901. This publication has had numerous forms, such as the General Catalog, the Student Handbook, and the Cooperative Bulletin. This collection contains images of campus buildings, laboratories, and equipment from various periods of the Institute's history.

Dates: 1914-1968

Campus and Research Slides Collection

Identifier: VAC408

Slides of the Georgia Institute of Technology campus in Atlanta, as well as research projects, and what appear to be slides from a faculty meeting.

Dates: ca. 1962-1971

Campus Directories (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP026

This collection consists of faculty, staff, and student directories published by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dates: 1937-2007 (bulk dates 1943-2007)

Class of 1926 Freshman Banquet Program

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MF004

The Class of 1926 Freshman Banquet Program documents a banquet held on May 19, 1923 at the City Club, providing a class roll, officers, and statistics (i.e., participants in sports), as well as details on the evening's events. The program appears to be inscribed "Ruth Steed"; however, Robert Jackson Hood's name is marked where it appears in the program.

Dates: 1923

Cooperative Division Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP025

This inventory draws together all of the publications that relate to the cooperative program at Georgia Tech, including bulletins, guides, handbooks, and newsletters.

Dates: 1920-2008 (bulk dates 1920-1994); Majority of material found within 1920 - 1994

Cross Country and Track Records

Identifier: MF041

This collection contains Georgia Tech track and cross country records, such as a program/score card and a roster.

Dates: 1920-1956


Identifier: MF026

This single item is a decal promoting Georgia Tech school spirit.

Dates: undated

Doctoral Candidate Requirement Records

Identifier: MF044

Georgia Tech offered its first doctor of philosophy degree in 1950. These records discuss such concerns as residency requirements, presentation of thesis topics, and course requirements.

Dates: ca. 1955

Early Presidents Photograph Collection

Identifier: VAUA004

This collection consists of numerous photographs of Georgia Tech President Blake Van Leer while in office (1944-1956), but there is also one photograph of William Alexander, Georgia Tech football coach from 1920 to 1944. Several photographs were found in an envelope marked Gasper-Ware Studio (876 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta).

Dates: 1950-1953

Engineering Enrollment Records

Identifier: MF039

This collection contains information on enrollment in the School of Engineering and numbers of degrees granted.

Dates: 1954

Engineering Extension Division Catalogue/Announcements (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP020
Abstract The Evening School at Georgia Tech began in March 1908 in response to demand for night school for men who were employed during the day. The Archives holds catalogs for the Evening School from 1908 to 1964. The Evening School of Applied Science catalogs from the 1920s through the early 1940s provide general information regarding admission, fees, and academic calendars; a list of faculty and instructors; a description of courses; and a register of students. Later volumes also include a mail-in...
Dates: 1908-1964 (bulk dates 1925-1964); Majority of material found within 1925 - 1964

Fact Books (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP027

The Georgia Tech Fact Books include annual facts and figures about the Institute, such as admission and enrollment statistics, organizational charts, listings of administrative faculty and staff, student information, finances, research, and facilities.

Dates: 1978-2011

Faculty Biographical Forms

Identifier: MF042

This collection contains Georgia Tech faculty biographical information, which includes such information as date of birth, education, and military service.

Dates: 1946

Faculty Roll Records

Identifier: MF043

This collection contains faculty attendance records from 1932-1947.

Dates: 1932-1947

Financial Aid Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP029

This collection brings together the Georgia Tech publications on the subject of financial aid.

Dates: ca. 1968-1997

G. Wayne Clough speeches collection

Identifier: UA336

This collection includes speeches, lectures, and presentations given by G. Wayne Clough, during his tenure as the tenth President of the Georgia Institute of Technology (1994-2008). The collection exists only in its original digital form.

Dates: 1994-2008

George P. Burdell Telegram

Identifier: MF047

This collection contains one Western Union telegram for fictitious Georgia Tech student George P. Burdell. The telegram deals with Burdell's Navy recruitment in 1946.

Dates: 1946

Georgia Tech Athletic Hall of Fame Records

Identifier: UA412

This collection consists of three Athletic Hall of Fame certificates for football, two from 1955 and one from 1964.

Dates: 1955-1964

Georgia Tech Christmas Cards

Identifier: MS154

Each year, Georgia Tech's faculty, staff, and administrators send Christmas cards to members of the local community and the campus. This collection is a representation of those Christmas cards.

Dates: 1950-1998 (bulk 1990-1998); Majority of material found within 1990 - 1998

Georgia Tech Commencement Programs

Identifier: UP035

This collection consists of printed commencement programs for the Georgia Institute of Technology. Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available to view online:

Dates: 1895-2021

Georgia Tech Engineer Photograph Collection

Identifier: VAC006

This collection contains photographs published in the Georgia Tech Engineer from 1938 to 1967, mainly depicting laboratories and technical subjects.

Dates: 1938-1967

Georgia Tech Pride Alliance Records

Identifier: MS465
Abstract The Georgia Tech Pride Alliance serves the LGBTQIA and Ally community on campus and beyond. The collection also documents the Georgia Tech Gay Academic Alliance, the Gay Alliance, and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA). The records include correspondence, email, reports, charter and by-laws, marketing materials, meeting minutes and agendas regarding the business and activities of the student organizations. The records also hold reports, meeting minutes and agendas, emails and memorandum...
Dates: 1978-2019; undated

Georgia Tech Recruiting Materials

Identifier: MS153

Georgia Tech opened its doors on October 8, 1888 with 129 students. By 1905, the enrollment had increased to 500, due to the recruiting efforts of the administration. Numerous advertisements and brochures were produced to boost Tech's student population during the early twentieth century. This collection includes brochures, advertisement clippings, and a poster focusing on Georgia Tech's recruiting attempts in its early years.

Dates: 1888-1947 (bulk 1904-1908); Majority of material found within 1904 - 1908

Golden Tornado Collection

Identifier: UA414

This collection consists of several copies of a booklet titled "Georgia Tech's Golden Tornado: Champions 1928," as well as newspaper clippings on the subject of the 1928 Tech Yellow Jackets football team. A photograph of the 1920 team is also included.

Dates: 1920-1928

Graduate Catalog and Announcements (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP018

This publication served primarily as the course catalog for Georgia Tech graduate students from 1945 to 1973, and it provided other information of relevance to this part of the Georgia Tech student population. Before 1945 and after 1973, information for graduate students is included in the Announcements/General Catalog for Georgia Tech (see the finding aid for the Announcements/General Catalog).

Dates: 1945-1973

Helen E. Grenga Papers on Women in Engineering

Identifier: MS320

This collection consists of Helen E. Grenga's papers relating to the Georgia Tech chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, as well as her materials on women in engineering in general.

Dates: 1965-1989

Helen E. Grenga Photographs on Women in Engineering

Identifier: VAM320

This collection consists of one photograph of Helen E. Grenga with a group of women, possibly the Georgia Tech chapter of the Society of Women Engineers.

Dates: ca. 1983-ca. 1987

Images and Memories Photograph Collection

Identifier: VAC001

The pictorial history, Images and Memories: Georgia Tech, 1885-1985,was one of several projects celebrating Georgia Tech's centennial in 1985. This collection contains copy prints of many of the photographs that appeared in the book.

Dates: 1983-1985

Industrial Archaeology records

Identifier: UA452

The Industrial Archaeology records contain historical research, correspondence, maps, photographs, diagrams, and publications for a variety of industrial sites throughout the state of Georgia. These sites include: mills, canals, railways, bridges, factories, warehouses, and industrial machinery. The majority of the information and research is from the 1970s by Professor James E. Brittain while at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dates: 1902 - 1994

J. Walter Estes Papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MF006

J. Walter Estes was a graduate of Georgia Tech in 1904. This collection consists of correspondence and a travel itinerary for a group of Georgians on an industrial tour of northern cities.

Dates: 1920

Ledgers Collection

Identifier: UA335
Abstract This collection consists of about 480 ledgers and a few ledger sheets containing accounts payable and receivable records, student rolls (including records of payment, attendance, and offenses, as well as some grades), time sheets, dormitory records, budgets, and some correspondence. The ledgers primarily document student and financial records at Georgia Tech, but they also provide particularly rich documentation of the day-to-day operation of the first fifty years of the school's existence...
Dates: 1887-1999 (bulk 1887-1981); Majority of material found within 1887 - 1981

Luther M. Reeves, Jr. drawings

Identifier: VAMD322

The drawings in this collection are related to Reeves' professional projects as an electrical engineer from the 1960s to the early 1980s. The drawings are, for the most part, electrical plans for private residences, schools, college buildings, and other public buildings in the state of Georgia.

Dates: 1939-1982 (bulk 1962-1982); Majority of material found within 1962 - 1982

Luther M. Reeves, Jr. papers

Identifier: MS322

The manuscript materials in this collection are mainly related to Reeves' professional projects as an electrical engineer from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. Also significant are an annotated manual of electrical engineering laboratory experiments from coursework at Georgia Tech and several annotated course manuals from continuing education classes Reeves completed, apparently during the 1930s.

Dates: ca. 1926-1985 (bulk 1959-1975); Majority of material found within 1959 - 1975

Luther M. Reeves, Jr. photographs

Identifier: VAM322

The photographs in this collection are possibly related to Reeves' professional projects as an electrical engineer from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

Dates: undated

Melvin Kranzberg Papers

Identifier: MS157

As a faculty member of the Department of Social Sciences during his tenure at Georgia Tech, Melvin Kranzberg was instrumental and influential in establishing the School of History, Technology and Society after his retirement. This collection includes professional papers, transcripts of speeches, media articles and correspondence that span his educational and academic career.

Dates: 1939-1995 (bulk 1958-1988); Majority of material found within 1958 - 1988

Melvin Kranzberg Photograph Collection

Identifier: VAM157

Dr. Melvin Kranzberg, leader in the field of history of technology, served as professor in Georgia Tech's history department. These photographs document his personal and professional life.

Dates: 1960-1991

New Employee Insurance Plan Pamphlet

Identifier: MF027

This collection contains a single insurance pamphlet for new Georgia Tech employees.

Dates: ca. 1948

Regulations for Students, Faculty, and Instructors

Identifier: UA372

The Regulations for Students, Faculty, and Instructors consists of booklets and some accompanying textual material outlining the rules and regulations for governing the student body at Georgia Tech.

Dates: 1904-1971 (bulk 1904-1941); Majority of material found within 1904 - 1941

Selected Archives at Georgia Tech and Emory (SAGE)

Identifier: MF055

This collection consists of a report from the Woodruff Library of Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology Library and Information Center to the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc., which funded a project to build virtual library capabilities at both institutions.

Dates: 1999-2000

Student Activities Report

 Collection — Box: Multi
Identifier: MF009

This report from the first term of the 1933-1934 school year focuses on student activities, such as student classes, sports, fraternities, and clubs.

Dates: 1933-1934

Student Examinations and Papers

Identifier: MS161

The Student Examinations and Papers Collection includes exams and academic papers from different departments and schools throughout campus, such as the English, Physics, and Mathematics departments.

Dates: 1889-1904 (bulk 1890-1891); Majority of material found within 1890 - 1891

Student Handbooks (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP030

The handbooks in Series 1 describe programs and activities available for undergraduate students, while Series 2 contains guides specifically intended for graduate students at Georgia Tech. Handbooks for students in specific fields are found in Series 3.

Dates: 1970-2011 (bulk dates 1970-1993)


Identifier: UP024

The Technique newspaper documents student life during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries on the Georgia Tech campus. This collection is available in analog form, and some volumes are also available digitally.

Dates: 1911-2009

Undergraduate Admissions Catalogs (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Identifier: UP016

This collection consists of Georgia Tech admissions catalogs, containing information on qualifications and deadlines for admission; campus life at Georgia Tech; brief descriptions of academic programs, freshman courses, and undergraduate degrees; admission policies and procedures; and financial aid.

Dates: 1974-1997

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